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To buy basalt stepping stone

Post Time : 2018-12-3

Dear Sir,
We import on a regullar base from Vietnam Lava stepping stones as follow:
40/60X5cm  (52 units/pallet)  - we need now 3X20'
Rounded 50cmX5cm (Hand made)  -  1X20
Rounded 50cmX 5  (Machine sawn) - 1X20
Rounded 40cmX5 (Hand made) - 1X20
Rounded 40cm (Machine sawn) -1X20
Basalt Stepping stone 40/50X3 -bush hamered- 1x20
basalt stepping stone 50/60X3cm - bush hamered -1X20
Basalt Stepping stone 40/50X3 -Flamed dark- 0.5x20
Basalt Stepping stone 40/50X3 -Flamed light gray - 0.5x20
basalt stepping stone 50/60X3cm - flamed dark -0.5X20
basalt stepping stone 50/60X3cm - flamed light gray -0.5X20
Yellow Granite Bricks 10X15X50cm HAND MADE !!!   1.75 USD/pc   0.33 container
Red Granite Bricks 10X15X50cm HAND MADE !!!   1.95 USD/pc   0.33 container
White Granite Bricks 10X15X50cm HAND MADE 0.5 X20    
Basalt Bricks 10X15X50cm HAND MADE  0.5X20
White Granite Steeping stones 50/60X3c  BRUSH HAMERED 1X20   
Best regards

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